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E Jake Enterprises


E Jake Enterprises is a portfolio of businesses and investments built and/or cultivated by Elijah ‘E Jake’ Jacobs. Entities under the umbrella of E Jake Enterprises, LLC include the following:

Ejake Music

E Jake Music

E Jake Music, LLC conducts all direct music business handlings of performer/recording artist E Jake, including but not limited to: songwriting royalties and placements, performance and event appearances, and all merchandise sales relating of/to E Jake.

E Jake Realty

E Jake Realty

E Jake Realty, LLC is a full-service real estate brokerage firm, founded by Elijah ‘E Jake’ Jacobs, specializing in residential property sales throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

PHM Movement

PHM Studios

PHM Studios, LLC (formerly 3 Stripe Studios, LLC) was established in 2015 as a full service audio recording and photography studio. Founded by Elijah 'E Jake' Jacobs and operated by fellow PHM recording artists, PHM Studios embodies expression to the fullest extent; aiming to transform all desires, dreams, and experiences into a style of appreciated art.

PHM Movement

PHM Recordings

Power House Movement, LLC (d.b.a PHM Recordings) is an independent entertainment company home to recording artists E Jake, Jay Boston, Class B, Scrilla H and more. Co-Founded by Elijah 'E Jake' Jacobs, PHM has been a staple in the Massachusetts, USA music scene by targeting their core fan base. These efforts in fact gained The Movement worldwide presence and supporters due to a consistent online marketing blueprint.