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Barcotics Lyrics


We all got the same 24 hours in a day
I simply choose to grind for mines, why y’all wastin’ time
Too many schemers and thievers, and most of ’em white Jesus believers (ugghhh)
The lessons that the GODs teach us
Nah I run ’em into the ground, I gets gritty (I get gritty)
I’m splitting through my sneakers
Dirty money ’til the whole team is filthy (dat right)
Dirty money ’til them n***** come kill me (huh!?)
I gives a fuck really (I gives a fuck)
I gets so much envy (I get too much)
I’m that n**** man (yeah)
But I ain’t trippin’ fam, it comes with the territory
I got no game, it’s just some bitches under my story (hmm)
Get money first thing that’s mandatory (that’s mandatory)
Blessings from the Holy Man of Glory (Blessed- yeah)
God blessin’ all the boss trap ni*****, oh lordy 

[Hook: E Jake]
We sellin’ Barcotics (out the studio yo)
We got the bomb product (makin’ moves for the dough)
It’s all logic (it’s like food for the soul)
These n***** all on it (these bitches all want it)
We sellin’ Barcotics (straight from the studio yo)
We got the bomb product (makin’ moves for the dough)
It’s all logic (food for the soul)
These n***** all on it (I said they all want it)

[Bridge: E Jake]
We got your ear drums goin’ through withdrawals (PHM)
Wasn’t droppin’ new music had you all types of sorrow (huh!?)
This is crew love, move music or move drugs
Dope in rhyme form, Barcotics n**** what (these n***** all on it, these bitches all want it)
This is crew love, move music or move drugs 
Dope in rhyme form, Barcotics n**** what
(these n**** all on it, I said they all want it)

[Outro: E Jake]
Gotta say it twice dawg cuz we ain’t them (nah we ain’t them)
PHM (I said PHM)
Say it twice man cuz we ain’t them (nigga we ain’t them)
We got the bomb product 
2 for 15s nigga hahaha


[Verse 1: E Jake]
Switch whips like chicks hate gettin spotted by a fraud
Switch my broads like drawers, so my feelings not involved
Look- I need ’em fresh, let me iron out my problems
And uh- don’t need the stress, why don’t you whine about it tomorrow
Dope money, coke money, roll a gun smoke money
Break bullets down like bud if we get it in blood
I’m with whatever, feed the children
Really not with the killin, more about all this this audio drug dealin
Look we thug n*****, love women, love winnin’
Don’t wanna hear about when was winnin’, duhhhhh n****
I got the keys call me DJ Khaled/ 
And uh- I got the greens, call me MC salad
I gotta lotta lettuce, lotta cheddar cheese, lotta cabbage
Pourin’ diamond dressin over yellow, white, rose gold karats
Forgive me lord I’m talkin’ like a savage
We Barcotic rhyme slangin, name rangin’, livin’ lash 

[Bridge: E Jake]
A brink stash, minks drag, payin bills and drink tabs
Calculate your moves slow, but you gotta think fast (think fast n****, matter fact think cash n****)
Boost and brag, post the swag, IG I post & tag 
Pound key Life is Good, round me, Broke is Bad (true facts n****, that’s why I think cash n****)

[Hook: E Jake]
Crime Pays *repeat 4x*

[Verse 2: Conway (the Machine)]

Look, all my shooters lurk well (they lurkin’ n****)
Mac rangin’ like church bells (brrrrrttt)
Cocaine resI’ on my work scale
Keep a strap, fuck who you shot, you could get murked still (can take an L too n****)
Pussy Get your brains blew in the wind
Ayo these n***** can’t fuck with me when I’m movin’ the pen 
Move a hundred bags of sour then do it again (hustlin’!)
I’m ’96 Jordan, I’ma shoot for the win (haaa!)
Pack the big gat with the long pipe
The jacket is Off-White™
Before rap I actually offed white (talk to ’em)
Yeah- that’s facts, I had a hard life
I could remember coming home to cut off lights (uh-huh) I even starved nights
Got a pack from homie then I ran it up
Sellin’ fifties in the trap house with the hammer tucked
Ain’t leavin’ til my plans is up, you trippin’ if you thinkin’ that my nine don’t spray
Who sayin’ crime don’t pay? I tell them n*****

[Hook: E Jake]
Crime Pays *repeat 3x*


[Intro: E Jake]
Think about it…
They’ve been sayin’ the world’s finna end since the year you was born
And you still breathin’!
So live yo life

[Verse 1: E Jake]
I beat that pussy like I stole it, ‘cuz I did y’all
She was running with that lame, but I’ma real one
Pussy so good niggas tryna kill niggas
Talkin pussy platter that’ll bring the meals/males witcha
I want a taste of that good life (taste of the good!)
I heard life was a bitch tho (heard life was a bitch)
If they could bag her they would wife (what?!)
I’m just givin’ her dick yo, NomTalmBout?!
Screamin the fuck world, homie (oooh)
Where the condoms at? Yeah, yeah, you know me
Out chea tryna put the heavy mileage on her
Smokin Arizona, sellin’ Apollonia
Around my way get it off corner (right)
Givin’ out samples gotta love a donor (hmm)
My heart been cold now it’s even colder (right)
Colder than ah winter in Minnesota (aaah)
Everybody wanna pitch ’til you touch the mound (hmm)
I don’t fuck with no one u trust them clowns (nah) 
They be funny in style, too much running around, 
I get the runnin through town, I’m ’bout to lock it here down
You wanna pitch? Then touch the mound
I don’t fuck with no one you trust them clowns? (Haa) 
They be funny in style, too much running around 
I got the running thru town then I locked it on down

[Chorus: E Jake]
With an ounce and buss it down
Got that pound and buss it down
Grab that brick and buss it down
Bag them chicks and buss ’em down
Copp that watch and buss it down 
Finna push that drop no busin’ now
We don’t call no cops we bust them rounds
Yeah they used to be the man they bustas now (ooooh)
We gon’ get that ounce and buss it down
We gon’ buy that pound and buss it down
We gon’ get that brick and buss it down
Finna bag them chicks and buss ’em down
Copp that watch and buss it down 
Gon’ push that drop, no busin’ now
We don’t call no cops we bust them rounds
Yeah they used to be the man they bustas now, good God

[Verse 2: Jay Boston]
Used to buss a six-duece down in dubs
No TLC, never ’round them scrubs
First time I hit the block, I knew I found my love
Me and E got rich got off a pound of bud (real talk)
A-Block police used to round us up
Since then ain’t no lil’ niggas wild as us
Bussin’ bitches in the trap, I got my mileage up,
I’m fly as fuck, that’s why she keeps eyein’ us
I got no time for laying up
P-H-M, ain’t no I in us, can’t no money divide us up
These niggas done woke a lion up (I’m up)
I’m bussin’ licks if I ever go broke
I never sniff if I measure the coke
Ah nigga spit just to better my folks
Real nigga from my head to my toes 
If I blow I’m never sellin’ my soul (whoa)
Shout out to my buss it baby
Got a man now, so I ain’t buss it lately
Let ’em know, we went from a bus to Mercedes 
Show you how to get this money, drive the customers crazy
But these hoes be so regretful
I wish ’em the best ‘cuz I know you stressful
Might stack a lil’ money if he know you special 
I’ll see you again when we both successful

[Chorus: E Jake]
We gon’ get that ounce and buss it down
We gon’ buy that pound and buss it down
We gon’ get that brick and buss it down
We gon’ bag them chicks and buss ’em down
We gon’ copp that watch and buss it down 
Finna push that drop, no busin’ now
We don’t call no cops we bust them rounds
Yeah they used to be the man they bustas now (ooooh)
We gon’ get that ounce and buss it down
We gon’ buy that pound and buss it down
We gon’ get that brick and buss it down
Finna bag them chicks and buss ’em down
Copp that watch and buss it down 
Gon’ push that drop, no busin’ now
We don’t call no cops we bust them rounds
Yeah they used to be the man they bustas now, good God


[Intro: E Jake]
Let me dust this dust off (this dust off)
Let me dust this dust off (this dust off) (that dust off dawg!)
Money been sittin in the safe (sittin’ in the safe)
PHM… gotta make sure your stash is waterproof dawg

[Chorus: E Jake]
I got mold on my cash
I got mold on my cash 
I’ve been holdin that bag
It got old in that stash *repeat 4x*

We got Os of that gas, we got dope we got glass
And u know it don’t last, nigga no joke it go fast
Fiends want more they go mad, audio dope on that track
We put hoes on that track, we got hoes with no ass (whoa)
We got hoes with all back (yeah) we got dough but don’t brag (yeah)
We got racks on them racks, robbin’ stores with that mask
We put our logos on hats (Movement) 
Studio stove I make crack
Nigga they fuck with my raps, you been known to make trash (ugghh)
Now I know that won’t pass
Now U know that ain’t bad
I’m meaning the good type of bad, you know I mean I’m on that (on that)
Now raise the numbs on that dash, foreign whips we might crash
Foreign chicks we gon smash, gettin’ dough be the task (get money!)

[Bridge: E Jake]
We be moldin that money, we be holdin that money, foldin that money, I be rollin with money/ bank loadin that money and u be owin that money, tryna get loans with tha k t money, it’s only some money, nigga this paper ain’t shit it’s only money, don’t be losin yo soul gotta control with that money/ stoopin low for that money/ you ah ho for that money/ you be pocket watchin u gotta stop it straight troll with that money


[Intro: E Jake]
This is Hog 6, we’ve got activity on the south side 
Yeah, E Jake (yeah yeah) 
Barcotics (yeah yeah) 
I’m sellin’ it (haha)

[Chorus: E Jake]
I don’t be usin’, nah
I don’t be juicin’, nah
I don’t be choosin’, nah 
I don’t be losin’, nah
I don’t be goofin’ 
Ain’t-ain’t no abusin’
Look, I don’t know what y’all doin’, but I know that I’m movin’ 
I’m sellin’ it, yeah (them barcotics, them barcotics, them barcotics)
I’m sellin’ it, yeah (them barcotics, them barcotics, them barcotics)

[Verse 1: E Jake
Now as I’m ridin’ and groovin’, I don’t ever be stupid
You know them crackers is out here, oh yeah them coppers is shootin
I got my bakery boomin’, ain’t no state of confusion
‘cuz this money talks baby oh yeah we speakin’ that fluent
We got some foreign exchange, they like this boy is insane (dat right)
Rockin’ them all whites outside its pourin’ in rain
I’m tryna tour and get paid, you buyin’ whores to get laid- Hey!
That’s actually probably cheaper than to go on them dates
Say what’s wrong though? Heated in the mornin’ Alzono
You the type of bitch a nigga had to make this song for
Pronto, bend it over show ah lil thong ho
Put it in ya mouth and let me feel around them tonsils
Say what’s wrong though? Heated in the mornin’ Alzono
You the type of bitch a nigga to make this song for
Pronto, bend it over show ah lil thong ho
And put it in ya mouth and let me feel around them tonsils


[Verse 2: Corner Boy P]

I’m buyin’ and sellin somethin’, these niggas can’t tell me nothin 
I could fuck your bitch but I fuck the world, hold on I’m coming
I serve em good and proper, A1 Barcotics
Audio Narcos, could front you some kilos
I whip that yay, like Ike beat ass
I just swapped out my motor and put a digital dash
You could pull out the scale, weigh my rhymes on the shit
None of that stepped on product, you niggas so water whipped
I put my work on the strip, download it take a sniff
My shit strong enough to smoke, my coat dragging on the floor
Drop that money on the floor, that’s what you call a money float
I put money on your head, have your head on the floor 
Kick your shit round like it’s soccer, your main bitch is a hot girl
I whip it good like in Ruth Chris, no Red Lobster
These niggas so goofy, I’m winnin’ they losing
I got so many vroom vrooms, they can’t tell which who who’s

[Chorus: E Jake]


[Intro: E Jake]
Gold rollies for my breadwinners
Hold trophies with my breadwinners

[Verse 1: E Jake]
Summer’s over, still shit is hot 
Everybody in the trenches tryna ah slot
You feel me nigga? You know me dawg
I don’t want a whole lot, I just want it all
They victimize certain guys
Pussy ass niggas did more than circumcise
We them niggas who be flexing from them block numbers
Fuck ah record deal, them fiends gon copp from us
Sell something (sell something)
Is you a real one dawg or u gon tell somethin?
‘cuz if I’m sittin in that motha fuckin cell cousin
I’ma raise the underworld man tell these motha fuckas hell comin,
Yeaahhh, the grim reaper (uhh)
I’ma top ten rapper in these top 10 sneakers
Got an addiction for these 3 stripe Adidas (yeah)
I’m on mission, ain’t nobody gon defeat us (nah)
The breadwinners (breadwinners)
Got the whole team on
Man the whole team strong, even if them fuckin feds hit us
Rollin’ with some shooters they led senders
Leakin in the snow, it’s ’bout to be a red winter

[Chorus: E Jake]
Breadwinners (uhh)

[Verse 2: E Jake]
Give me a loyal bitch, ain’t gotta be the baddest nah
Keep it a kilo, that’s ah thousand, all I’m askin uhh
Ride or die for ya nigga ’til the casket drops
Rubber band the money baby we gon stack it uhh
Rubber band the money pass me the elastic uhh
Rubber band the money let’s go get the package ma
Running outta rubber bands that’s nothin’ drastic nah
But never runnin’ outta money’s what we grindin for
I think u know that tho
Callin’ me about your bitch, I don’t even know that hoe
How the fuck you get this jack, I’m tryna know that tho
You lose your mind over pussy boy I go for the dough /// 

[Chorus: E Jake]

[Verse 3: E Jake]
E Jacobs man, patty cake patty cake I’m the baker man
I be on the low just tryna get my cake up man
You sleepin on the God, dawg it’s time to wake up man
How you sleepin on job but want your weight up fam?
Time don’t, oh no, whoa, wait for no man (ut uh) (nope)
Nil not ah bitch neither
Turn on the oven on high, I’m bout to let the brick heat up 

[Chorus: E Jake]


[Intro: excerpt taken from movie Willie Dynamite]
Now we’ve always been loose
Dealing off the turf like it was never going to run dry
That ain’t no business…
Look around
Everything that is taking care of business is tight!

[Verse 1: E Jake]
Now I don’t want no aggy bitch, just get yo daddy rich
Whether u corporate or on some stripper shit
Don’t make a difference, we pimpin
Me and you girl we winnin’ (yeah)
I ain’t like them other niggas (I ain’t like em)
You ain’t like them other women (ut uh)
Can’t stand lazy bitches, ain’t got no ambition
Type of shit I don’t like, talkin’ bout a fly whip with no drive
I stay with a bad bitch no hype
I stay with a bad bitch no lie
Yeah I got a couple hoes on the side
That just comes with it, its the life (hold up) We mold money, playdoe
Scold honeys, say hoe
Shoe bottoms lookin’ like you been steppin all over those tomatoes
Fur coats this winter (yeah)
Outfit bad as my temper (right)
Ridin’thru out my windows (uh)
Screamin’ out I’ll get witcha (vroom)
No time to stop (nah)
I looked down at my watch (and)
And it said its Gr:nD (what?)
I said its grind o’clock (work nigga)
You got my mind racin’ (damn)
Thinkin’ ’bout you naked (oooh)
Will it last another night? What is it that we chasin’ (huh?!)

[Bridge: E Jake]
Look mama, you know I’m the flyest on the planet right
And I mold these women like ceramics
But see me and you got a deeper understanding
So follow my lead boo

[Chorus: E Jake]
Let’s get this money baby
Together (together)
Forever (forever)
And ever (and ever)
We gon think about the money
We gon speak bout thenmoney
We gon see bout this money
Cuz we be bout this money 
*repeat 3X*

[Outro: E Jake]
See what you do? 
You make a real one wanna sing baby, I ain’t ashamed
Let them pawns watch and hate as we count this cake nah mean
And you know chess is the game of life
So you as queen can move anywhere in this world with the objective to protect your king boo
Only shape you ain’t designed to move in is the L form
Cuz we don’t take loses baby haha


[Interlude: E Jake]
Nah we not finna rap on this one
Finna let Yung Nab bust y’all in the head with this soundtrack
As I sip my Remy… 
The title to lyrical movie is Barcotics
That’s that audio dope in raw, new age, 1970s pimp form
Featuring the one and only E Jake
Starring as the smooth, cool, yet rude Mocha Soufflé 
A Blaxploitation film of course, where you got the drugs, the women, the money..
But thru all that there’s knowledge & wisdom there
So pick up then gems & jewels as they dropped
Shine forever, they worth more than these diamond rocks… 
I ain’t finna hold up too much of ya time, it is 20-17
Got some short films, tours in the works
More titles & deeds, expanding the will for the seeds
E Jake, Mocha Soufflé, Yung Nab with the beat machine jab
Barcotics… Enjoy


Fly shit only, chain ah lil gleamy 
Picture cleaner than ah 1080 HD Sony
Scrawny nigga boney, tho I’ve been bossed up 
Since I was swimmin in the nutsack of Tony Fuck all your homies, them niggas there is phony
Study and they zone me, steady tryna clone me
Whatever tho, hope you niggas all for the dough
Make sure it’s authentic then you get it for the low
You know- discounted rates, sittin by the lake
I’m finger fuckin cheese, I’m kissed by the cake
No bread to these birds man these bitches outta place
Get the fuck up out my face, nigga how do we relate?
Ayo you niggas was never in the trenches
You was buyin gum, I’m shootin cum in her denchers
White Amerikkka never really stopped the lynching
But even that there never really stopped my pimpin, so listen…

This is strictly for the hustlers
Matter fact it’s for the customers
Where would we be with without them fussin us
Callin back to back with them bucks for us, enough’s enough

I should make my own plastics & elastics
Supply what suppliers need
So all the dope boys gotta buy from me
I spit Barcotic rhymes you’ll get high for free

Mocha Soufflé be the pimp name
*repeated 4x*

Mocha Soufflé be the pimp name,  
He here to carry on tradition to the pimp game
You gott respect the GOD’s position with the pen mayne
You know the lobster, caviar and the shrimp mayne
Big money over here is what I been sayin
we been sayin
And them Barcotics dawg is what we been slang
That’s that audio dope, put it in your veins
You can roll it up and smoke it, shit is insane
Or u can cut it with the remix get yaself paid, hold up…


Don’t giva fuck about ah hater long my bitches love me
I hope your bitch can hold it down if the shit gets ugly
My game be smooth to these women like its moisturizer
Call me Mocha baby even tho my name’s Elijah
No meat up on my plate don’t want no dead dinner
That choochie vegan I’ll be eattin have your head spinning
Toss hoes that’s assist dishin up points
To my brothaz in back twistin up joints
But I don’t get high tho I’m high on these lames
Another plane ticket too fly for these lames
Yeah it’s somethin light still shine on these lames
Pockets heavy cuz I pay no mind to these lames


10 Toes Down

[Intro: Corner Boy P]

[Verse 1: Corner Boy P]
I might die cuz the color of my skin
Your bitch fuckin’ cuz the cars I be in (skrt)
My momma prayin’ cuz my life full of sin

[Verse 2: E Jake]
Uhh stayed down in this shit 10 toes boy
Say nothin’ crackaz askin’ “what u know boy?!”
I’m on the block holdin’ money, say cheese baby
You killed a cop? Give the homie paid leave baby
Militant, gotta show discipline cousin
Free my brotha Smoke, still servin 40 from it
I hit my neck with this motha fuckin’ bling bloaw
With all this hung jury might catch a mistrial
Yeah, its da moverz in this bitch now
Jrt setting with my niggas, man the clique wild
And we came from the bottom held the shit down
Private parties only entry thru the list now
Look, I wasn’t born made or born paid
I hit the block and came up now I’m on mayne 
I risked my freedom and my life for this gold chain
I’ll be ballin’ in my 30s get us all straight (hmm)
And I rather buy some new shoes, than to purchase fake views from the YouTube (I ain’t fakin’)
And why buy some insta likes?
When I can sell some grams, and get some instant ice 

[Verse 3: Class B]

11. Let’s Ride (revisited)

[Intro: E Jake]
Bumpin’ way too much Nip Hussle, Spitta Andretti right now
Shit is comin’ out in my rhymes, fuck it tho!

[Verse 1: E Jake]
Got a text from a play, I was tellin them wait, I’ll be there real soon now
No change, no cheese, with my tank on E, I was ridin’ on fumes now
Gotta get this paper, I don’t mess with no neighbors, I don’t no trap house
Cuz they’ll watch that spot, then call them cops and report them in and outs
Everybody knows me, everybody knows E, but I really wish they didn’t tho
Cuz I be gettin this doe and I stay up on the low, I don’t want that attention yo
In 0-4, as a Y-O sittin’ in court
First time that ah young’n seen them bars
Real talk, really didn’t think I’d see this far
But I’m here dawg, a couple grand strong
Chick told me take my coat off, I’m like trick I ain’t really come to stay long
Get gone to the motha lovin’ root of all evil
Had to sell things to make ways for my people
All I’m tryna do is live peaceful, but this America the land of unequal
See I knew this one dude and he got a cool moms
Ran her own bizz, gave his friends new jobs
Life was all good, big crib new car
Same way she got rich was her fall, that fraud
See her son & her nephew was in the mix
Pushin’ fly whips, broke cops gettin’ pissed
That a black man owned somethin’ on they wish list
They was fiendin’ for the chance they could finger print
And handcuff, right there I hit my mans up
Like “yo sun scratch that switch them plans up”
He was on the car lot with a drop top
But right now a fly whip is like cancer
Just cause you might got that paper, that don’t mean you gotta flaunt it
You see the rich stay rich by makin smart  moves 
Not loud, not dumb, thats retarded
So I….

[Chorus: E Jake]
Make Benz money in a hooptie
No Maybach, I got a hooptie
I let my bread stack in that hooptie
I blew doe, but I made it back in that hooptie
Let’s Ride (let’s ride)

[Verse 2: E Jake]
All my nigga live (yeah)
But half my niggas died (damn)
Another quarter locked inside
We been thuggin’ most our life
We keep that gun right by our sides
Down to pull that M.I
See we won’t even think twice, nah, won’t even think twice
We know them chances that we take
We know them mansions outta state
We know them hoes down to fuck
We know they mans is bound to hate
Say moms I ain’t gon lie, I can’t do no 9 to 5
I ain’t talkin down on nobody, that system just ain’t for me
I can’t do no bi-week, need to touch cash every single day
I know them fiends round the way, therefore I’m finna bang a play
Some days it might be slow, but still I know I’m gettin’paid
I know them cuts thru the strips, I know them back blocks there
I’m 28 and losin’ hair, that jail shit got me losin’ years
Now hold up stop it right there, we ain’t takin no type of loses here
This shit ain’t nothin to me bro
This shit ain’t nothin but some growth
You tell me when it’s time to go
I’ll be right at cha front door
Let’s Ride…

[Outro: E Jake]
Dedicated to P Strizzy, Q, and Swaylito
All my mobilize the trap niggas
Haha… Movement